The HECM Tool is Proven to Increase Conversions from the
First Time You Present It

Fairway Loan Officers

People are visual learners. They need pictures to aid in the story. Showing comparisons and amortization reports was almost instant death of the sale. Borrower prospects will lead on as if they understand, but they don't; frequently, they leave frustrated. There's a better way. The HECM Tool is the solution I used to propel me to a top HECM producer for many years.
Now, I am sharing it with you.


What current HECM Tool users say

Just shared a traditional refinance HECM Tool Report with someone I have been trying to convert for over 4 years. “I really like the illustration you provided…. Makes sense to me”.   And then he said, “I have seen enough; I am ready to have you work on our application.”… 😊 And doing so today

Steve C. - Branch Manager

HECM Tool if fast to prepare and can be sent out like Mortgage Coach.  Good stuff.  Love it!

Dan W. - Sr. Loan Officer

Unlock the Secret to Next Level HECM Origination Growth

When you know how to attract the right prospects, convert those prospects into happy clients, and ensure consistent growth month over month, year over year, you can achieve the HECM business you have dreamed about.  The HECM Tool software is the leverage needed to separate you from the competition and convert more borrower prospects and referral partners for exponential and consistent growth.

This is not some theory cooked up in the boardroom of some opportunity seeking team.  This is a proven system I have used to propel me to a top 10 HECM originator in the country.  I have pulled back the curtain and sharing the secret.

Visually Display the HECM for Better Understanding

Sharing the HECM Tool Report will gain clarity and confidence in both you, your borrower prospect, and referral partners.

Ability to Run Multiple HECM Scenarios 

Borrowers don't always know what they want.  They may be looking at getting a HECM to eliminate a mortgage but then ask about buying a home.  The HECM Tool will accommodate multiple scenarios on the fly and with lightning speed.

Intuitive and Fast Learning Curve

Learning new software doesn't have to be hard.  The HECM Tool can be learned in 30-minutes or less.   We have extensive video training on how to use the Tool but you likely won't need them.  It's that easy!

Be the Expert and Leave the Competition in the Dust

The HECM Tool and sales conversion process separates you as an expert apart from any competitor.  Your prospects and referral partners will be amazed.  No matter your experience level, the HECM Tool makes even the beginner HECM Originator look like a seasoned pro.