Million Dollar Originator

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your HECM originator income from $10,000 to $83,333 monthly with our exclusive '1 Million Dollar HECM Originator Genius Model' coaching program. This is not a theory but the exact process created and used by Tane Cabe to become one of the top HECM originators in the country. Join elite group coaching calls to delve into the three pillars of success: Attract, Deliver, and Annuitization. Elevate your lead generation, perfect your HECM process, and learn advanced marketing strategies for unparalleled growth. Are you ready to transform your career and achieve seven-figure success in the reverse mortgage industry? Secure your spot now and be part of the elite circle of top-earning HECM originators.

What to expect

1 Million Dollar HECM Originator Genius Model' – the ultimate coaching program designed exclusively for seasoned HECM originators earning a minimum of $10,000 monthly and aspiring to reach the pinnacle of success at $83,333 monthly. This transformative program focuses on three essential pillars: Attraction, Delivery, and annuitization.


Uncover advanced lead generation strategies and master the art of building an influential online and offline presence. Learn to cultivate strategic partnerships, create compelling content, and harness the power of effective branding to attract a consistent stream of qualified leads.


Dive deep into the intricacies of the HECM process. Streamline application procedures, navigate legal complexities, and enhance client interactions. Perfect your closing techniques, overcome objections, and develop robust client relationship management strategies for repeat business and referrals.


Explore the key to sustained success – the annuitization of your business. Develop advanced marketing strategies, implement data-driven approaches, and uncover new markets for expansion. Acquire the skills to scale your business systematically and strategically.

Our program goes beyond conventional coaching, offering group coaching calls where you'll join a community of ambitious HECM originators. Engage in interactive sessions, gain insights from successful industry experts, and receive personalized guidance to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Are you ready to transform your HECM origination career and embark on a journey towards earning $1 million annually? Join the '1 Million Dollar HECM Originator Genius Model' and elevate your success in the dynamic world of reverse mortgages."